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Pool and Spa Services

Spa and Pool Opening
Remove debris and water from cover, clean and fold
• Connect and test pump and filter systems
• Remove winter plugs and flush winterizing chemicals
• Vacuum pool/spa, brush tiles/steps/walls and water line
• Empty skimmer and pump strainer baskets
• Check chemicals (chlorine, pH, alkalinity, water hardness, calcium, TDS)

Spa and Pool Closing (Winterization)
• Backwash and winterize pump and filter system
• Plumbing winterized with non-toxic anti-free solution
• Vacuum pool/spa
• Empty skimmer and pump strainer baskets
• Add shock, algaecide and anti-stain chemical treatment
• Replace pool/spa cover

Weekly/Bi-Weekly Spa and Pool Maintenance
Our weekly pool or pool and spa service includes:
•  net floating debris
•  tile brush tiles/ water line
•  clean tiles to assist in removing calcium/ water line build-up
•  vacuum pool or pool and spa each visit
•  brush steps and walls, lights and skimmers
•  empty skimmer and pump strainer baskets
•  check chemicals (chlorine, pH, alkalinity,etc.) and adjust accordingly
•  service card report detailing our visit

Pool Equipment Troubleshooting, Repairs and Upgrades
Pool equipment stop working or malfunctioning?  Our experts can troubleshoot and repair any pool equipment related problem you might encounter.  Old Equipment?   Ready to automate your system so you can control everything from the touch of a button?  Or want to upgrade to a salt system?  Polaris stop working? Whatever you need from one component to an entire equipment replacement, we are ready to help you!  

New Pool Owner Orientation
Just build or buy a new house and not sure where to start when it comes to the operation and maintenance of your pool?  We can show you!  Our visit will include a complete overview on the operation of all your pool equipment, a water test to determine current conditions including a recommendation for future chemical application, adjust heater and filtration settings, provide an overview of how and when to clean the filter, set the pool and spa valves and answer your questions.  

Spa and Pool Inspection Service
Buying or selling a home with a swimming pool or spa?  Give us a call! We will inspect the overall condition of the pool or spa, check for leaks, test equipment functionality and report on the condition/ estimated remaining life-span of the equipment.   

Pool Covers and Vinyl Pool Liners
Looking to add or replace a cover for your pool or spa?  Need to replace your vinyl pool liner?  We’ll provide you with a free estimate based upon the measurements we take and the cover type you select.  Installation included!

Green Pool Turn Around Service
Did your pool turn green overnight? Regular pool service stop showing up?   Usually maintain your own pool but your regular regimen just won’t remove the algae?  Call us, we know what to do.  

Salt Systems (Maintenance and Conversions)
Contrary to popular belief salt chlorinated pools do not operate themselves.  They require a higher level of monitoring, salt cell cleaning, and constant adjustment of Ph and alkalinity.  Let us help you maintain your current system or if you are interested in converting to salt water chlorination contact us today to schedule a free evaluation of your pool or spa.